Is it a preview, review, both, neither, a unicorn farting rainbows or just some guy talking about Sims Social? The last one sounds about right. Check out a sample of their article below and click that link to read the whole thing!

GamePro and The Sims SocialGameplay is actually more similar to traditional The Sims games than was originally implied. Players create a Sim, which doesn’t have to share their name or even gender, and is then tasked with both taking care of their Needs and fulfilling objectives. Like most social games, the game holds the player’s hand very firmly throughout its opening hours with a series of slightly patronizing “quests” to introduce you to the main concepts, but the player is free to ignore these completely if they so desire and pursue whatever feature they like for their Sim — is it to romance as many players from their Facebook friends list as possible? To be the most loathsome, objectionable bastard the virtual neighborhood has ever seen? To get really good at writing? Or simply to have a massive house?


This article was brought to my attention by: Amy (The Sims 3 Gamer), Sims Galore and Viewers Like You, thanks!