By the Watcher a new collection of info about the upcoming Expansion has been tweeted. Let ye eyes scroll over the words of the SimGurus X2! The Watcher commands it! If you refuse, you shall face thy Pit Beast!

  •  Yes there are stirrups for horses
  • There are Pet Houses, Cat Condos etc
  •  It is NOT true that Pets will only have one baby.
  •  Sorry, no new death type in Pets! We do have some very cool new moments with the Grim Reaper though as he comes to take pets away… I love his interaction with the horse!
  •  Horses can Train themselves,  but it’s much better when a Sim is helping train them!
  •  Puppies and kittens have stumpy legs… They do need some help from Sims getting up and down stairs. Horses don’t use the stairs at all – they’re much better off staying outside and in their new barns
  •  Definitely, all of our playable animals can become ghosts
  •  You can build a barn in any shape or size you please – in most situations though, each horse will need their own box stall to live in.
  •  There are different tail lengths – just one of the awesome things you can do in Create a Pet!

Some might be bummed about no new Sim death. But remember, this EP mainly focuses on Pets and a little on Sims.

Source: SimsVIP