CriCri & Paperpin of Sims3Cri have reviewed The Sims Social. Let’s take a look at their review.

Sims3Cri and The Sims SocialCasual games are definitely spreading. From Facebook to smartphone apps, everyday a newgame comes out. Social networks are spreading too, and each one has its own special apps like Petville, Cityville, Farmville.. after so many -ville, The Sims gets “social” too, and on popular demand lands on Facebook. In the Sims history, everything has been experimented. After the 3D (The Sims 2), the open world (The Sims 3), after traveling in the past (The Sims Medieval) and trying the online multiplayer (The Sims Online), years of gaming evolutions have been raided ehm, revised and adapted for the so-called Facebook platform. After a couple of months of closed beta testing and a few days of open beta testing, The Sims Social is finally available to all users who want to play.


Source: Sims Nieuws