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Cinema/Gaming Blend Reviews Hidden SpringsLay of the Land
Hidden Springs is green and while spacious, the lots are set close enough together that it won’t take your Sims all day to get from one side of the world to the other. There are a number of water falls, parks, and other visually stunning community lots, as well as a few great luxury homes for wealthier Sims looking for a place with a gorgeous view. Beautiful views are plentiful in the world, given the mountains and waterfalls, which can be seen from various spots around town. There’s also plenty of water, though no sunny beaches, which is fitting given the mountainous landscape.

Cinema/Gaming Blend Reviews Hidden SpringsAs relaxation is the theme, Sims will also find numerous places to kick back, take a dip in the pool and unwind, including a new spa. As you’ll see below, the spa comes with a cool looking pool in the solarium, however this spa is a rabbit-hole, which means your Sim can’t actually use the pool. I watched it for a while as my Sim had a spa treatment and never saw any Sims in the Solarium. Bummer.


Source: Sims Nieuws