Lots of info from the broadcast with SimGuru Graham and King this morning. Check out most of the info below! Source: iplaysims

Create a Pet

  • Can have different tails (Horses can have braided).
  • Customize a lot of different things.
  • Advanced mode for all animals.
  • Add Layers similar to Create a Pattern.
  • Can adjust neck with slider. Has many different sliders for ears, back, and belly.
  • Pets can have three traits.
  • Voice level can be adjusted to be quieter or louder.

Regular Play

  • Can do competitions at Equestrian center.
  • Can breed horses at the equestrian center.
  • If your Sim wins a competition your Sims name can show up in the newspaper.
  • Can build own barn for horse to live in.
  • Has thirst need and can drink from trough or ponds.


  • Rub neck, brush, feed, etc.

Regular Play

  • Dog park – can play fetch, run around.
  • Dogs can swim in fountains and pools.
  • Can learn tricks such as play dead, shake paw, sit up.
  • Has destruction motive to destroy things like knock over the trash can.
  • Can learn hunting skill to dig up treasure in the world.


  • Kiss, hug, and more.


Regular Play

  • Cat jungle with a cat jungle gym.
  • Can play with a laser pointer.
  • Can eat food off of counters.


  • Hug, toss, pounce, and more.


  • You can adopt the unicorn into your Sims household.
  • Can teleport around the world, not just run/walk like a horse.
  • Unicorns can breed but not with normal horses. Must be another unicorn.
  • Sim can ride a unicorn like a horse.

Has magical powers such as:

  • Can light fires – horn turns orange.
  • Can curse another Sim.
  • Bless Sims
  • Make plants grow.

Overall Details

  • Pets appear alongside Sims heads in the user control interface.
  • You can have 6 different pets with a household and 8 different Sims. Can have 6 pets and 4 Sims. Overall maximum of 10 Sims and pets per household combined.
  • Pets they do have moodlets and wishes, just like Sims.
  • Pets can have memories, just like Sims.
  • Pets can have fleas.
  • Pets can interact with each other.
  • Pets can visit neighbors, community lots, and go places on their own around the world.
  • Pets can do trick shows when your pet is trained.
  • Can do racing, show jumping, cross country competitions.
  • Can earn money, tips, and trophies from trick shows.
  • New build and buy objects.
  • Can build barns with new barn doors.
  • Sims (all ages) can interact with pets.
  • Pets all full Sims and fully controllable. No real limits, can play just as pets.
  • Lots of new objects for both Pets and Sims.
  • New ice cream truck.
  • Horses, cat, and dogs can breed. Have genetics and traits that can be inherited.
  • Can mix dog breeds, cat breeds, and horse breeds when breeding.
  • Can have litters of puppies and kittens.
  • Can accessorize your pets with different collars and saddles.
  • Great variety of snakes, lizards, and other critters.
  • Pets can have controllable ghosts when they die from old age.
  • New clothes for Sims with pets on them, western themed clothing.
  • Game still in development, will be other broadcasts.


  • Appaloosa Plains – mid-western ranching style community.
  • Has entirely new buildings and content.
  • New venues especially for animals.
  • Horse ranch venue
  • Cat jungle venue
  • Dog park venue
  • Has dinosaur bones in the dinosaur lot.