PALGN – The Sims 3 Generations reviewed


Generations also adds another career into the mix, with adult Sims now able to seek out employment as a professional babysitter. Interestingly enough, rather than venturing off to work on a daily basis, Sim parents from all over the neighbourhood will descend on your doorstep in order to utilise your babysitting services. While the neighbourhood kiddies may look like sweet, innocent cherubs, their true colours shine once mum and dad leave, turning into needy balls of trouble. As a babysitter you’ll become accustomed to changing nappies, making sure they’re well fed and keeping the kiddies amused with ‘attack the claw’ – an action which involves you making a claw motion to keep the kids smiling and giggling. The babysitting career can be quite challenging to deal with as you’ll have your own Sim’s needs to contend with as well as those of your young brood.

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