Like it or not, The Sims Medieval is a part of The Sims franchise – and it did well enough to warrant an ‘Adventure Pack’.  GameSpot shares with us the new features that will be introduced with this new addon.

Another feature that has been added is the interrogation chair, where you lock up the closest (and most unfortunate) person you can find and use a variety of tactics to get information out of them. There are two meters to measure the person’s will and alertness, and you have to try and lower their will so that they will spill their secret while staying conscious. There are several forms of interrogation and they change from tickling with feathers or unleashing the ferocious chinchilla. Some sims actually enjoy some of this torture, so you’ll have to change up your tactics if it’s not working.

Depending on how you approach the quests, we’re told the additional content could take up to 25 hours to complete. It stays true to the spirit of the sims, with plenty of customization, goofy characters and an endless amount of things to do pass the time. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to return to the medieval world of the Sims, then keep an eye out for Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles when it is released on August 30.

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