Well, technically it’s still hidden, but the team is working on getting it up – and it may just be listed in their navigation menu by the end of the day.  I have reader Petar Jadek to thank for pointing this out!



  1. theblackscorpion:

    the gurus have stated that all pre-orders will be the limited edition, that and the first copies sold in stores. which makes sense because that was the case with Medieval

    This is just in USA or?

  2. my message for EA
    -Hey, hello EA … I have one question for you … Can you make a option to choose a password for the new game, because my sister always deletes my save! Please for the reply! 🙂
    -You can make a hat that will be able to put each hair in CAS room?
    – I wanted to ask you, if you can create new options for CAS ROOM, I have a suggestion … To take kackete for any type of hair but not in the way that hair is the Cap … Thanks in advance! Please for the reply!
    -If you are making expansions for water and swimming, make surfing on the water and boating and boat …
    Make a cocktail-bar
    -To people in the game is better than the current body (lines on the head, neck, etc …)
    -Do can be made more than four floors of the house
    -New skin tones
    -Rings on each finger and each hand
    Make-up-bugs-over water in the mountains
    -Make a cave where they can live
    -When creating animals that can do to dress up in clothes
    -Can you make a option to choose a password for the new game, because my sister always deletes my save! Please for the reply! 🙂
    -You can do aqua park with optional extended slide!
    -You can makes graffiti on the wall (that can be made from their own creations)
    –Is there an option for tenants in the house to determine the territory of a tenant by his own measure of our salary so that they build us a house …
    Street pole
    -Studio recording songs and music career in the concerts, modeling, acting,
    -Open all the rabbit hole
    -To have an apartment in ts2 series and with them comes an option Zimmer
    -Selection of High School
    -Business leaders
    -Downloading movies through the computer, or via simTorrenta (piracy, the possibility of arrest)
    -The possibility of arrest, set up a real jail sentence and maintenance of several sim weeks
    -Church-high construction
    -If Sims can be offered the option, it is not obscured when the swim …
    -Do we see them on every job …
    -Slides for the pool
    -Option for a tattoo vehicles and interlocking series …

  3. Boombox:

    Pets is already announced, but where’s Town Life Stuff? I’m still curious.

    They wil announce but we have to wait, They can’t tell everthing at same day.


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