Drink Dr. Pepper?  Better start collecting those bottlecaps, Dr Pepper and EA just released the Alice in Wonderland items that were pictured a week or so back.  Pics of the items can be viewed below.

full-afHairHatAlice full-afBodyDressAlice full-tableDiningWonderland full-sculpturePotionWonderland full-sculptureMushroomWonderland full-lightingTableWonderland full-doorSingleWonderland full-doorSingleWonderlandArch full-clockFloorWonderland full-chairDiningWonderland full-bookshelfWonderland


  1. could someone gave me some codes to get’s this great stuff. I live out of USAand I can’t buy this codes 🙁
    I will be more then happy if someone could do this 🙂


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