New premium content has arrived on The Sims 3 Store – Lady Ravendancer Goth’s Book o’ Spells.ย  Soooo….anyone want to bite the bullet and let us know what all it does? I mean, the description helps – I’m just curious on how it plays out ๐Ÿ˜›ย  I am not able to purchase it at this time.

Huge thanks to Philip for the email!

Facts about this object (via the Sims 3 Forums)

  • Costs $72,000 simoleans
  • Filed under Misc. Entertainment/Skills
  • Click on it, the option is “Learn Spell”
  • Spell options are: Summon, Enchant, Summon Animale, Summon Acquainted and Mood Elevatus.
  • Part of a bigger set – the Gothique Library

Screenshot-373 Screenshot-374 Screenshot-376 Screenshot-377

Hmm, ok so it looks like when you are learning a spell you get a Making Magic moodlet that lasts for 3 hours. you can only cast spells while that moodlet is active, otherwise you have to go back to the book to “review” the spell.

I had my sim learn “Unleash Animale”

Which put a “curse” on his poor unsuspecting fiance in the background reading the paper. It’s a 12 hour negative moodlet, and she sussequently peed her pants.

Edit- LOl I got a message in my upper right corner saying to curse a whole room was “rude” and that everyone will be acting like animals as long as the curse is active. Unleash Animale…I guess it makes sims act like animals.

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