SimGuruPidgeo (Australia’s Community Manager for The Sims) shared with us some more insight on The Sims 3 Pets on his Sims 3 Blog.  He also goes on to talk about SimSocial sharing the latest trailer for that (and promising for more news coming very shortly) and even the various ways on how to contact Tech Support to troubleshoot your game (he’s trying, bless his heart).

There will be loads of different breeds in Sims Pets but even if a specific mix breed isn’t in the game we should still be able to create close representations of our pets.

Bella for example is a Poochi – a Toy Poodle x Long Hair Chihuahua. I will bet 1000 SimPoints that the Poochi breed isn’t in Sims Pets because until we saw Bella in the store (and immediately took her home!) we’d never heard of a Poochi! Not to worry though as although I don’t have confirmation of which exact breeds will be in the game, I bet the Chihuahua and Poodle will be. So for Bella I’d select Chihuahua as she about 90% Chi, do a few tweaks within the Create-A-Pet and I’ll have SimBella created in no time!

I really hope the gigantic St Bernard is in the game as I’ve always wanted one of the gentle giants. Once I get more info on the breeds I will post it right here.

Check out his blog entry here (via Sims Nieuws)