attended E3 and stopped by EA’s booth. From their preview we learn a few things about the Expansion Pack.Animals can have romantic relationships with eachother. They can also make friends and woohoo. There’s also a new Trait, Fur Allergy. Thanks to SimsVIP for the heads up.

What’s different about this expansion is you can control your pets as though they are real sims. In Sims 2, you couldn’t do this. You had to attempt to control your pet through your sims, which, admittedly is much more like real-life. Your pets can grow from puppies and kittens to adults and then elderly pets. They can interact with other pets to form friendships and romantic relationships (where did you think puppies came from?) If you hate virtual people, you can now play The Sims 3 completely from the point-of-view of your favorite furry friend.