SimsVIP has found an article by EA about the E3 closed door preview of Pets for console. Check out a little of it below or click the link to read the full article.


A ring of stations placed right in the center of EA’s floor show off the next great Sims developments, and a video for Sims Social guides us through the possibilities of combining the Sims with our friends on Facebook. In this particular story, the spark of love ignites a wonderful evening for a young couple wining and dining in their Sims neighborhood, all started by a simple, instant message.

Moving over to a video for The Sims 3 Pets, we’re invited into a nearby room with a live demo of the game. We’re first taken to the pet creation screen, as pets are treated just like any other Sim, complete with different personality types, coat patterns, wishes, and even careers. Their movements are realistic and familiar, and we’re shown a handful of cats and dogs that would win the admiration of any pet