VlogBrothers – 1990’s Sim Games. SO GOOD!


I hope I can be as energetic as this dude when I begin my videos.  Doubt it, though.  Either way this video is pretty good in flashing back to where Sim games were a bit simpler.

In which Hank talks about the lessons he learned growing up playing simulation games (and does a very good job of not complaining about how mindless gaming has become.)

Sim Games taught me a huge amount about my world and also about who I am. From SImCity I learned that as much as a third of a city is taken up by its roads. From SimEarth I learned what that crustaceans existed before fish. From SimTower I learned that things are never as simple as they seem. From Civilizaiton I learned that peace is orders of magnitude more difficult and less glamorous than war. From Tycoon games I learned the value of opportunity and also how to be careful not to squander the value you have.

It seems a little silly, but there it is. You can get a lot of these games for free (all you need is DOS BOX and a good google search if you’d like to try them out.



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