GameSpot has another preview of Generations and new pics!!! Thanks to SimsVIP and Snooty for the find.

The Sims 3: Generations is the fourth expansion for The Sims 3–the latest game that lets you live out the virtual lives of little computer people. Generations fleshes out the lives of sims who are of the child- and teenager-age levels by giving them plenty of new stuff to do. It also adds social media integration that lets you record key moments in the lives of your characters to your Facebook profile, if you so choose. Teen life in The Sims 3: Generations seems like a real challenge if you try to make the most of it. Between school, which eats up five hours of your in-game day; homework, which eats up another hour; and your regular “motives” (personal needs for food, sleep, entertainment, and so on), there seems to barely be enough time to rig the toilet to overflow. Even though our teen took the…

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That’s odd, they took the link down. Someone mentioned it over at VIP.


I couldn’t see it yesterday either, but it’s up now 🙂