Sims 3 Generations Registration Reward Discovered!


Snooty Sims has discovered the registration reward for Generations. This time it’s a rotary phone, a top for a male and a top for a female.


Sims 3 Generations Registration Reward Discovered!

Find it here


  1. 15 in WA
    13 for AMB
    5 for LN
    and now 3 for GEN

    Is EA giving up on providing decent registration rewards to loyal, legitimate customer since they feel that pirates will steal and distribute them anyway? Very disappointing…

    Yet, if that were true, wouldn’t they just abandon the TS3 store altogether?

  2. Looks like the new sets this month will be called Everyday Casual Chic and Comfortable Living, since it mentions them being in the store, yet, as of right now, they aren’t there.

  3. Okay It’s OUTRAGE….

    Enjoy the Sweet Pea Cardigan, Academia Cardigan, and the Vintage Rotary Phone when you register your game today! Complete your sets with the Everyday Casual Chic and Comfortable Living sets now available at The Sims 3 Store

    Come on!? COMPLETE YOUR SET?

  4. What? This looks more like a SimPoint bundle.

    This is awful. There’s almost nothing to Generations as it is, you’d think the registration would be way big. This is awful.

  5. not too excited about the tops, but I do love the rotary phone! It may be less but at least it’s something.

  6. The phone doesn’t appear to work. It shows up in the game without a receiver and doesn’t do anything. It will probably require Generations, or at least the patch it comes with. At least I hope that’s the case, but EA’s released broken store items before. The two tops are fine, though.

  7. how do you register your frikken sims 3 generations bcuz every time since ive bought it,it said im offline and i have toregister online… but no where is ther an option for me to register it! so pllllllzzzzz can someone just help me??


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