Edenstyle has published part 9 of their Generations Preview! This time we learn more about the Chemistry Set.

Chemistry set can be used starting from child age and increases logic skill (so, no special skill for it).
If you want to research new potions formulas, you should use “Discover potion” interaction. Once you learned  how to make a potion, you can create it and use it for yourself or others.
There’s also an option to mix it into drinks. So if you leave this special mix on a table, another Sim could drink it and… well, you’ll see the effects!

Here are some examples of potions and their effects:
Ninja vanish potion: to teleport to any place. Very useful if you want to disappear after pulling a prank…

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Edenstyle Generations Preview-Part 9 The Chemistry SetEdenstyle Generations Preview-Part 9 The Chemistry Set