Female-Gamers Review The Sims Medieval


Sims site Female-Gamers have a new review of The Sims Medieval. Check out the full article here.

With so many Sims fans who regularly build castles in their Sims games and stories with a medieval touch the people at EA thought it would be about time to check out what to do. So it is actually somewhat began with The Sims Middle Ages. The game I have extensively to test and my experiences of course you can read here.

Sims Middle Ages, a new game, but does have the necessary similarities with The Sims 3. To the readers who do not know The Sims, I will do my best here not compare with it.

Create A Sim
When you walk in the middle you have your own kingdom. You need a prince to rule needed to get things going and that you create in the system CAS (Create A Sim). You choose a name, give your Sim a haircut and an outfit. In male Sims can also have facial hair show. The outfits are quite limited for your Sims to get dressed. They are medieval robes. You can be in color.
You give your Sim also two good qualities and have the choice of a bad habit.In the good qualities you can think of friendly, inquisitive, friendly, nature lover, and higgler reveler. In the bad you can think of compulsive gamblers, thin, cruel, bloodthirsty, butthead or wolverine.


Female-Gamers Review The Sims MedievalFemale-Gamers Review The Sims MedievalFemale-Gamers Review The Sims Medieval


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