Edenstyle Generations Preview Part 7-All About Strollers


Edenstyle has published part seven of their Generations Preview. This time it’s all about Strollers. Full article here.

It’s a lot of time that players are asking for a stroller in game and now the dream comes true. And yes, it’s not a decorative item, you can use it and go around the city with both your babies and toddlers!
I’ve been very impressed by the animation, as the little Sim looks around with curiosity and indicates things around him. Something well done and realistic.
You can buy the stroller in buy mode (there are 2 available) and then put it in the house or keep it in the inventory. Of course, you can customize it with create a style tool.
When the baby (or toddler) is on it, he gets a positive moodlet called “had a good stroll”. So, buy and use it a lot if you want a happy baby… what’s better than a good stroll?
Every Sim can carry just one little Sim with the stroller.

Edenstyle Generations Preview Part 7-All About Strollers


  1. I’ve noticed people keep reporting that babies can also go in the stroller, but I haven’t seen a single picture of a baby in the stroller, only toddlers. I’m having a hard time picturing how a baby could even go in a stroller since it has no arms or legs.


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