Update May 3rd – Being without power for almost a week sucks, but it could have been a lot worse.  My prayers and thoughts goes out to all those who suffered the wraith of the tornadoes that struck Alabama and many other states last Wednesday.  I’ve been in the dark, so I missed out on a lot of the news coverage and I’m slowly playing catchup in terms of the damage the twisters caused.  I thank every one of the readers for leaving their comments below – the family and I made it out okay.  Now to slowly get caught up.  A huge thanks to both ManagerJosh and TheBlackScorpion for keeping the site updated while I was not able to!


Hi Everyone:

This post is being made through ManagerJosh so if it sounds funny, it is from him typing.

As many of you maybe aware or not aware, the past week has had a huge amount of severe storms going through the Midwest portions of the United States. In the last twenty four hours, a tornado ripped right through Huntsville, Alabama. I’m alright, but we’ve lost all power. With all the storms rolling through here, as well as cleanup, we’re not expected to get power for the next three to four days.

In terms of site operations, we will try to post updates as often as we can. Updates will come as regularly as often by my awesome team members. As soon as power is restored, I’ll be back as usual.

Any questions, or comments, please feel free to leave them here for me. Someone will respond (eventually..)


Update 5:58PM Central Time (via ManagerJosh): All the latest reports indicate power will be out for a week. Thank you to everyone for your support, and to my staff who has all stepped up to help out maintain Simprograms in my absence.