Part 8 of Edenstyle’s Generations Preview is about Dating and Interactions. Sadly, dating is not like it was in Night Life.

Edenstyle Generations Preview Part 8


The Sims 3 Generations has few new interactions related to family, kids and love.

Romantic interactions
Good news for the romantic ones! You can now watch the stars with your beloved one and give her flowers. This last interaction is automatic, costs around 40 Simoleons and you don’t need to collect or buy flowers before. Just click on your sweet babe and select the color of the flowers: purple, pink, white, red and yellow.
Next to every color there’s also the meaning. I remember romantic red and pure white.
Flowers will then go to the inventory. You can decide to place them somewhere in your house, give to someone else or… sell! Well, those last two options are not so romantic…

You can tell ghost stories and read bedtime stories to your kids.
Ghost stories are really nice. All the other Sims come around yours, the lights are turned off and he starts to tell the story with an electric torch under his face. In the meanwhile, images and smoke appear on screen and Sims react getting scared.

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