French fansite The Daily Sims attended the Generations event on Friday, April 15 and met producer Graham Nardone. They brought back their summary, you can read about that here.

Children and teens will be enrolled in extracurricular activities: scouting, club music, arts club, newspaper club, club studies, debate club, drama club, debate club, club hobby club, sports, ballet … They can also be sent to the school! Residential schools are multiple, with specific sports, military, etc.. The registration fee costs 800 to $ 1600. On his return he will have memories and experiences to tell. When your teen is there, it will no longer controllable and family leave time.

But tell me, why send her child to private school? Well, it is the teens will live their adolescent angst! They will have the new trait “rebel” and fun setting traps!

catch their preview here