Here we have another french fansite’s report from the folks over at Sims Minitroll!

A demonstration of the game on big screen followed. This demo commentary has already enabled us to see some of the possibilities offered by the game Graham explained that some items of this add he really wanted to do, like the treehouse. It is without doubt one of the major objects of this add-on.

The title of the add-on, generations, sticks well to the content, its purpose is to give all ages the sims life more interesting with new opportunities and new interactions.

And it is a festive, big kid and joke that this add-on is achieved.

The demo was done with a family with almost all age groups and it is with this family that we could test the game on the PC. My game was in English, is often the case, I did not formalized, but after a while I discovered that the other computers were in French. So I changed when this was possible. This explains why some catches are in English and some in French.

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