My time with Darkspore was brief and beguiling, but largely enjoyable. Aside from the visually stimulating interface and menus, one of the first things I noticed was the controls. I found them slightly difficult to manage. Darkspore is a click-to-move game, and since there is a crucial dodging aspect to combat, accurate movement is important. Targeting is also crucial – especially in heated PvP combat – and it’s done manually by holding down the right mouse button or the left while hovering over an enemy. I found the right-button option more helpful, as keeping the cursor trained on an enemy can be difficult. Overall, I think the controls are Darkspore’s weakest point, but they may just take some practice. I slowly became more adept at moving, dodging, and attacking over the course of the day, but I was far from mastering these basic actions.

full preview here

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