Want more parts for your Spore game?  Darkspore’s editior is just a heavily modified version of Spore’s creator editor, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the files are roughly similar.  In fact, so similar that you can actually transfer the parts and pieces from Darkspore over to Spore!  Davopotamus figured out the method to display Darkspore parts in your game:

INSTRUCTIONS: First you need to know a few things.

These parts come from your own Darkspore/Data folder.

You must copy the file Arenas_RDX9.package, Arenas_Textures.package & Other.package from your Darkspore/Data into your current Spore/Data directory. If you use Galactic Adventures, then its in the Spore_EP1/Data folder

You must have latest patches for everything to work properly.
I will not answer ‘Doesn’t work’ anythings!

Via DavoOnline – See the thread on the official Sporum



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