Made 2 Game presents their Sims 3 Generations Preview


Getting tired of all the reviews yet? No? Good, because we have yet another review for those sparkly eyes to read. Thanks once again to SimsVIP for another great find!

On the face of it The Sims 3 Generations – focus on different life phases of your Sims in incredible detail with a different ‘theme’ each time – would seem to be a sweet and innocent game. However the enduring popularity of The Sims is that you’re able to tell your own story and make of it what you will.

So for the sick and twisted hearts at Made2Game The Sims 3 Generations turns out to be quite disturbing game.

Let’s take the newly released details about the ‘Child or Toddler’ phase of this Sims 3 expansion pack, which revolves around the ability to have an imaginary world, replete with an imaginary friend doll who arrives in the mail and comes to life.

Now who doesn’t see this as the start to a psychological horror movie? Surely at some point it will be pushing us to watch Mummy and Daddy do ‘bad things’ before suggesting that Daddy needs to be taught a ‘lesson’. Just us? Come on.


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