Oh yes, there’s another Generations article for you enjoyment. This time it’s from geeks.co.uk! Thanks once again to SimsVIP for the heads up!

The Sims 3 looks as though it has following the trend set by its predecessor. It’s only been out for two years, and already we’ve seen three expansion packs with a fourth on its way. So far we’ve been able to put our characters in locations all around the world, enrich their lives with hobbies and careers, and given them the chance to turn into vampires. So what does the latest expansion pack have to offer us?

The Sims 3: Generations adds a range of activities which are focused specifically for each different age group, and also stretches the game out into actual life through the use of social media sites like Facebook. Even though the game is still in development, new features include adults suffering a mid-life crisis, kids using their imaginations to play, teenagers throwing rebellious temper tantrums and parties while their parents are out of the house, and a new focus on drama. Another addition is the inclusion of a Punishment system, which I assume comes into play for children and teens. Depending on how parents punish their kids, they may either grow up to a be a spoilt brat or a timid mouse. The focus seems to be all about allowing players to create rich storylines within their custom-built universe.

With The Sims community sharing custom-made content on the official website, free for everyone to download, the added option of using Facebook to upload their sim’s memories might appeal to some…