Edenstyle has released part 5 of their Generations preview. Get ready for the Imaginary Friend. Another thanks to SimsVIP for the heads up.

Edenstyle Generations preview part 5-Imaginary Friend


Sometimes newborns receive a special toy in the mail from a far relative or a long lost friend that heard about them.
It looks like a mix between a doll and a robot. Babies cannot interact with it until they are toddlers, but you can put it in their crib if you want.
Toddlers can play with it like a normal toy, increasing both social and fun needs. Interactions available are “play with”, “sing to” and “rename” (you are asked to specify if the name is male or female, defining the sex).

Other Sims can also talk through it if they are teens, adults or elders.
Children can host a tea party with him (this option is available for teddy bears too). When they play in this way, they take a juice from the fridge and bring it to the toy. So lovely!

Be sure your toddler interacts a lot with the toy if you want it to grow up with him.

If they build a good relationship, the toy would grow up as well and turn into a imaginary friend that only the owner can see and interact with.