Italian Sim Fan Site Edenstyle has released part Six or their Generations preview.

Edenstyle Generations preview part 6-Memories and Home Movies

Memories are back and thanks to this new system you can now have all the best (and worse) moments of the life of your Sim all together in a scrapbook that you can find in Simology panel.
Memories are captured automatically by the game and for each of them you have a picture and a text box with the title, a short descriptionand an indication about whenthe memory has been taken. You can edit the text andshare the memory on Facebook or upload it to The Sims 3 website.
An ex-boyfriend broke your heart and you are suffering to much? Well, just click on “Forget memory” button and get rid of it! I found this option very funny!


Memories scrapbook also lists the stats of your Sims: total memories, reputation, number of romances, number of betrayals, longest romance duration, longest romance with, current active romances…

There’s also a tab that you can edit about the biography.

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