Cubed3 – The Sims 3 for Nintendo 3DS reviewed


There are several 3DS features that have been included to try to justify the inflated price when compared to other portable iterations of The Sims 3. The 3D screen is arguably the biggest selling point of the title, with the large top screen being used solely as a showcase for the extra dimension. It is a disappointment then that the bragging top screen means you get a cluttered touch screen and a visual effect that adds nothing to the title, feeling like little more than a redundant gimmick. Alongside this there are the more useful options which include ‘create a Townie’ in order to populate the surrounding areas even more with NPCs of your choosing. You can also complete specific ‘wishes’ to gain Karma points that can be used to affect your environment – tilting the system to cause an earthquake, for example – and the StreetPass system has also been utilised to allow you to exchange Sims on the go. These might be new angles for the series, but it feels like the exclusive extras barge in on the experience in attempting to justify their inclusion.

Review at Cubed3 – 6/10 score


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