AlalaSims – Coverage on The Sims Medieval event in Sao Paulo!


Seeing how the news is focused on Generations, let’s jump back to The Sims Medieval for a few seconds.  Fansite AlalaSims attended a special Medieval event on April 16th and would like to share with you folks their coverage – a full report, 2 videos and lots of pictures!

Rolled on Saturday afternoon (day 16/04) the event open to the public of Medieval Sims in Sao Paulo! As always, Alala Sims was well represented, check out the names of those responsible for our excellent coverage: Bia Cappellato, Brenda Scarano, Alexandre Zaick, Renan and Isidro Cabral Nayara! Joining them and Ricardo Luiz Fernando Lima.

Thank you, guys! Returning to the event, once again the representatives of Alala Sims stole the show: our representative Bia, dressed in Medieval Queen, won the Cosplay Medieval and took it home, among many awards, a Dell notebook computer, while the won Nayara Medieval Quiz with your team!

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