The biggest laughs came from the demonstration of the new video camera function. Sims are now able to arrange and attend bachelor parties. As one was getting into full swing we watched as a mother Sim spied on the raunchy shindig using a video camera, that when in operation switches to a Sims-eye first-person view of the world ready to be replayed on television back home.

All these memories, we’re told can be shared on Facebook. We weren’t looking at the final version of the game so didn’t get to see the Facebook integration in action, but given the already massive Sims community EA could be onto something here. After The Sims Medieval it’s a welcome change to see EA dreaming up new ways to deliver a different style of gameplay to the rest of The Sims catalogue with new scenarios, toys and objects that open up new ways to play and more things to do.

full preview ahead (thanks, Snooty!)