If all of these articles are overwhelming and you can’t keep track of all of the information on The Sims 3 Generations, SimsVIP has updated their factsheet based on all of the facts posted today.  They had their work cut out for them, that’s for sure!  Educate yourself on the latest expansion by visiting their website!


♦ Day Care profession

♦ Parents can take their children to Day Care at a specific time, which is an at-home daycare. How many children will your Sim be able to handle? An additional challenge is that children with rebellious ways might anger you with their antics.  Having the “Nurturing” trait is a plus for this job.

♦  Sims have this new “Nurturing” trait. Sims with this new trait will be great in taking care of other kids; they can interact with them in a special way.  It’s a very active career. You have to guide your Sims through these experiences to help them advance. So other Sims bring by their kids and drop them off and you have to take care of them. As you progress through it, it gets more difficult – you may even have a problem child. They’re going to pull pranks and get in trouble more often. But you make sure that you take care of them like they are your own kid. And as you keep going you will have more and more children and have the ability to manage them.

♦ Ambitions careers have been expanded.

♦ Your sims can run their own daycare center. This career works in the same way as the careers in Ambitions. Parents from around the neighbourhood will drop their toddlers off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. Your general aim is to keep the children as happy as possible! Once you get to a certain level in the career you will start having children over for after school care and you will start getting ‘difficult’ children who like to misbehave!

♦ There are 5 stages of this profession beginning from Amateur – Experienced

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