I can’t wait to re-enact The Sims 3:  Hangover Edition.  Can’t wait for my Sim version of Mr. Chow to yell “Funny fat guy fall on face!” in Simlish, lol!

You know that time before you get married? You just want to have one good time before the married life starts. So what do you do? That’s right, you throw a bachelor(ette) party. Invite some of your friends over and have a great time. You can either throw the party at your home, or – if you don’t want to clean up yourself – somewhere else. Your Sims will really get wild, with drinks and party until the late hours. And of course it’s possible to get some *hot* guests at your party. Dancers will arrive in a special car and will dance and entertain your guests. You have either male or female dancers in several skimpy outfits. These dancers are modeled after your Sims’ preference. If you are a female Sim into dark skinned guys, you’ll likely end up with some sexy cops in their Speedo’s. And if your male and fond of uniforms, don’t look surprises when you get some military girls to dance. The game even looks at the gender preference of your Sims. So you don’t have to worry that the dancers for your gay Sim will be “boring”; your gay Sim will get male dancers and your lesbian Sim will get female dancers.

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