Life in the realm is busy for your Sims. In addition to embarking on quests and finding true romance, each Hero Sim has different responsibilities they need to fulfill. Some of these are basic responsibilities that any citizen in the kingdom has, such as paying taxes. Some responsibilities, however, are dependent on a Sim’s profession. For instance, a bard may have a certain amount of time within which to write a play, while the physician may be called upon to administer first aid.

Rewards and Punishment

Responsibilities must be performed within the time allocated or your Sim suffers consequences, such as a negative moodlet, a penalty, or, after prolonged shirking of responsibilities, even the ultimate punishment: execution. However, if your Sim does fulfill their responsibility, they gain a positive moodlet, greater Focus, and, in some cases, even achieve progress on their quest.


Career Responsibilities

As mentioned above, some of the responsibilities that befall your Hero Sim are dependent on their chosen career. Read on to get a gander at what sorts of things your Sim might be called upon to perform in each role.

Please note, a specific career can be filled with either a male or a female, depending on what you choose when you assign a Sim to these roles. The gender-specific pronouns below are therefore random. Additionally, the list below is not an all-inclusive list of each role’s responsibilities, merely a sample of some of what you can expect.



The Bard’s responsibility first and foremost is to provide his fellow Sims with some respite from their daily toils and troubles – you might even say a distraction from their own responsibilities! Whether he’s gathering inspiration on his own, being inspired by other Sims, practicing the lute, or writing poems, the Bard spends most of his life in service to his art.


If she’s not crafting armor or fixing swords, the Blacksmith can often be found wandering the surrounds of the realm in search of minerals. Her responsibilities all help ensure that the kingdom is well protected. Every time she sweats over the forge creating another sword or stave, she can rest assured that her hard work lets the Monarch sleep easy.

Jacoban Priest

This strict priest offers his fellow Sims another type of support, that of the spiritual leader. Whether converting Sims to his faith, absolving them of their sins, giving sermons, or healing with The Watcher’s Touch, the Jacoban Priest is tasked with keeping his flock spiritually well.


The strong arm of the realm, the Knight enforces the laws of the kingdom. The Knight may be called upon to engage in a duel, to maintain her weapons by sharpening her sword, to guard the forest entrance, or to discuss foreign affairs.



The responsibilities of the Merchant mostly revolve around providing the realm with the goods that Sims both need and want. He must at turns hustle customers, butter up potential buyers, sail to other territories to engage in trade, and much more.


The responsibilities of the Monarch are to oversee the entire welfare of her realm. She must ask about the Sims living in her kingdom to gain knowledge, pass edicts, write treaties, hear petitions, sail to new territories, and more. Any of her actions might greatly impact her kingdom, so she must be mindful in all that she does.

Peteran Priest

This peace-loving priest is often found evangelizing for his faith as he seeks to convert Sims and bestow The Watcher’s blessing. Whether giving sermons or studying The Watcher, the Peteran Priest always concentrates his focus on a higher power.


In contrast to the Peteran Priest, the Physician’s sole focus is on the corporal welfare of her fellow Sims. Her many responsibilities include collecting herbs, diagnosing Sims, giving first aid, crafting cures, and more. Once her skills are sufficiently advanced, she might even find herself operating on Sims as she pursues her quintessential responsibility: healing Sims.


The Spy’s responsibilities sometimes find themselves outside the law, sometimes for the good of the realm and sometimes, well not so good for the realm. Crafting poisons, serving “tampered” drinks, eavesdropping, and stealing funds are some of the tasks that fall to a dedicated Spy.


With her mind focused on magic, the Wizard spends her days – and sometimes nights – collecting herbs, crafting potions, conducting research, and, yes, casting spells.





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