I guess I can talk about it now, as the official trailer to the 4th expansion (and even the 5th expansion, The Sims 3 Unleashed) has been released!

Edit – give the video a moment to load, YouTube cut off all videos, but I fixed that πŸ™‚

description=”The Sims 3 Generations”

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Thanks !! I am very excited … Seriously its release!


Ok….wait a minute….*goes to a door on teh wall…closes and locks*
*comes out*….Very interseting…ahem…..expansion…..he…he…he


Why use Unleashed again? I mean, why name it unleashed again? can’t they think of a good name?


Other than some new objects (with new interactions), I’m not really sure how this extends gameplay. The other XPs seemed to be more about new ways to approach the game (and great new architecture), but there isn’t much here that we couldn’t do before. Maybe it will sound better once we get more info.


freetime seems to be like this, not much gameplay change, but they did a great job with it, I loved it more than pets, so maybe this will become underrated too…


Generations looks totally dreadful…. I’m far more interested in Unleashed but really, I’m expecting disappointment there too…. πŸ™

The only things I really liked in this trailer were:
– proper weddings
– body hair
– new car

And that’s three things of loads of ‘cool’ features….


Well, I for one am very excited about this. I could surely use a family EP plus a pets one. And weather will most like come, just not yet. I guess weather must be the most popular feature; thus, it’ll be saved for later.

Thank you for sharing, Jud! I bet you were just itching to share it. πŸ™‚


What a non-descript title. Generations… makes me think Captain Kirk meets Captain Picard, so I expected phasers and relentless techno-babble. Think that’s a potential marketing fail, EA.




Hey, just pointing it out. @0:31, is that a library? Or is the school no longer a rabbit hole?


Hey and climate to see my sims a more EA. This doing things in a manner not suitable for my part I wish the weather for my sims 3 please the seasons, weather, climate, weather, climate, weather, climate.


Incredibly underwhelming promo video there.

Interactions that should’ve been there from the start; pranks that will get old fast and clothing that you know will be enabled for random, so every newly-spawned sim will be decked out in them in two hideous colours.

So it’s this, and bloody pets. No weather on the horizon whatsoever. It seems that EA’s just as bored with this franchise as I’m getting to be.



It’s probably just a library. It’s a cheap way of having people assume it is a school and get excited about that feature too….

I know what you mean about the pranks, UKNortherner.


I agree. Some of this should have been added to the base game. Oh well. Looks good, anyway.


Like how everyone is a bit of an idiot and not taking anything it to account.

0:10 Family Photos
0:17 Treehouses and new playground equipment
0:32 Seemingly opened-up school
0:35 Prams
0:43 Proms
0:51 Bachelor Parties/Hen Parties/Stag Parties (?)
0:58 Actual Weddings
1:04 Body Hair
1:13 Family Videos

And this is just from the trailer. It looks to be extending every life stage as well. How can people complain? A lot of these stuff I have seen thrown around, being begged for, and when they finally come people complain?


Spiral Staircase at 0:52!!!

This looks pretty nice. To me, this is more like livin large or Freetime. It’s about adding more things for sims to do at home with the family than major outside gameplay changes. I think it is just what we needed! More social objects, less tasks.


This is AMAZING! TWO VIDEOS that i’ve been waiting for AGES has finally been released! I’m so happy that we are getting pets back they look hilarious! I cant wait for that and now Generations look’s awesome too BODY HAIR! Graduation Parties, Tree Houses, Family Albums AHHHH This is like a dream i’m in. I cant believe it


I love all that!


So that you know, in the public interest, it seems that EA blocked off their trailers, or removed them. Not sure which. Somebody perhaps released what they shouldn’t.



It’s just that people were kinda dissapointed with the last 2-3 EP’s not even mentioning the “stuff packs”. In the trailers they say you can do so much stuff and actually there’s little you can do ingame. A few social interactions a few objects many decorations and that’s it. ! Ea is putting so little effort lately.

1. Family Photos – Cool feature but there’s already available with the WA camera
2. Treehouses and new playground equipment – I could care less
3. Seemingly opened-up school – most probably that’s just a library not a school, ea have the habbit of trying to trick us with stuff already ingame in trailers.
4. Proms – There can’t be any . They had to put something like University first in game to be able to have proms
5. Bachelor Parties/Hen Parties/Stag Parties (I can’t see any different then the regular parties already ingame)
6. Actual Weddings – That’s just a wedding cake
7. Body hair – nice
8. Family Videos – the only true original and cool thing of this EP .

These are my conclusions from what I see in this EP!


Why can’t they have proms? They will just be a different type of party. I see no reason why you would need university since prom is a high school thing.


Looks 10x better than I thought πŸ™‚


This trailer reminds me SO MUCH of The Sims 2! I love it, although I don’t really understand everything, it seems to add a lot of cool activities, but some of which shouldve been in the base game! I missed the pets trailer because it was taken down but I’m much more excited for pets! Hope someone finds the pets trailer! lol


Here’s the supposed Unleashed trailer if you didn’t catch it! Hurry up before its taken down!


This ep sounds amazing. With all the really cool stuff in it I am, again hoping for slow dancing…just have to wait and see.
For those unhappy with it already, I have a saying for you all, “you’d probably scream at being hung with a new rope too.” *sticking tongue out now*


@0:39 new romantic interaction?

Seems cool, I’d buy it.


I, like many, do have doubts about this expansion pack :/ it just doesn’t seem to give much.


Did I spy a stroller AND a slipn’slide? I shall look forward to this expansion pack.


Looks interesting, but not the most exciting.
I agree with what Alex #20 said, it’s really just what we’ve seen before, or things that are just faked.
For some reason this EP reminds me of Family Fun Stuff Pack/ Celebration Stuff Pack. The only thing that I like is the walking stick and the pram; now that’s new



Other than some new objects (with new interactions), I’m not really sure how this extends gameplay. The other XPs seemed to be more about new ways to approach the game (and great new architecture), but there isn’t much here that we couldn’t do before. Maybe it will sound better once we get more info.


Well with those new objects and interactions are going to extend gameplay significantly by themselves, especially those practical jokes. Also it looks like they’re going to have more elaborate weddings, proms, children’s plays, and maybe even a university that won’t be a rabbit hole. So It looks like they’ll be expanding gameplay significantly.

Freaking Happy!

So awsome!!! Two in a row!! I guess that many people, just like me, entered today a found out such an amazing surprise… Curiously, a great gift in a disaster day…


Im still hoping for a new way to die and magic or something…each game has new life state…mayb this one has witches? remember apartment life didnt show the life state in the trailer either…


I really hope this has magic included with it. the little girl playing with a wand that doesnt look like it belong to the costume shes wearing.

Love the spiral stairs,. strollers, slip n slide, teeter totter, the pranks, the treehouse, real wedding and grads/proms. hopefully they added the ability to take real family photos, even with WA its tough getting everyone to pose correctly.


….I don’t think this is real because there is English in the game footage. “Stinkbomb” and “Prom Night”
Text in the game is always in Simlish.


lol, I’m sorry Angie.. but no..

unless there is something i’ve missed, I have not noticed a single object IN-GAME that had an english text in it. the only english was the “title” of the videos.

Also, I don’t think there will be Family Videos.. I find them absolutely useless anyways.

And I also doubt that they’re gonna add university too.. it’s EA Games, they don’t care about fans anymore!


I cant see the vid πŸ™


You can never stop youtubers from leaking videos. HOORAY!


Overall=Not too bad….

But EA still need to fix bugs to make it WONDEFUL….

Plz dont repeat your mistake EA…

BTW, anyone saw this ep’s “monsters”? I had enough with vampires….so please be no…


on second thought….This ep miht win Console…why?

Cauze maybe EA finally decide to add memories back!<-(forum simmers always made petition for this)


I need a new keyboard -.-
*this ep might


is this really real?
cause i hate pranks.


Dont be such a downer! There is a lot of stuff that is different in here. Dont you want to throw eggs at that mean old ladies house? The slip n slide looks pwnage. C’mon….


I can fly of happiness right now πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
thank you EA “kisses” XO XO πŸ˜›


i just love it !!


happy , happy


love the body hair


bachelor party !!! awsome


Will they make a new world for this ep?


Wow, it’s cool trailer, but I think this is trick and not everything will be like that. But I excited becouse there are some cool stuffs. I got all EP’s but there wasn’t stuffs for families, legacy and play with family was boring. So this EP make family life more interesting and now we can play normal game πŸ˜€ Sorry for bad english.