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For those still unsure about spending your hard earned cash on The Sims Medieval, phreakindee has a great review for you.


  1. After watching this, and DarkHosis’ review further down the page, I think what little interest I had in this game has now completely evaporated.

    It appears to be a Stories-type game but with even less freedom.

  2. I really thought I would hate this game but it was given to me so I have installed it and played it for a few days. I actually love this game! It is a lot of fun and gives something different to do if you’ve become bored with The Sims 3.

  3. I have never liked any of his reviews before but this one hits it on the head…too bad some of those who bought the game actually thought it would be the sims 3 in medieval. I personally love the game.:-D
    Good honest review!

  4. The game is bad…not interesting and keeps freezing before the 18 hours it takes to get passed the tutotial and save is over. Attempted several times to restart the tutorial and gave up out of frustration and boredom…$50 and three hours of my life down the drain. Avoid the game like a 13th century plague!

  5. I pre-ordered this game and anxiously awaited its arrival *thinking* it was Sims 3 in medieval times with the capability of building and customizing the castle and surrounding town/landscape and must admit, at first I was very disappointed…but, seeing as how I spent the $50 (plus S&H) on the game I figured I should give it some kind of a chance…after playing all day and *finally* unlocking the ability to add additional buildings/heroes the game began to grow on me. I am especially fond of the physician…but, the Fountain of Legend quest DOES NOT WORK currently using the physician (or at least NOT with the combination of traits/fatal flaw I chose…I am assured that EA is working furiously on a patch for this, though they have no clue how long it might take)…no problem…just save that particular quest for a later date, AFTER the patch is released and go on to other quests…this IS a cool/interesting/fun game for SIM fans even though it differs greatly form what we are accustomed to in previous Sim games. Give it a chance and it just might grow on YOU too..and who knows…maybe this game will lead to other medieval Sim games with more building/customization/free-play possibilities in the future, we can only hope!!!

    Blessings of the Watcher be with you and YOUR Sims now and always :o)

  6. So yeah okay, the game was fun for the first ambition but when I started the next one (after about 14-15 hours of gameplay) I had to start a new kingdom again and create a new monarch again and then do the same quests again. All of this just so I could focus on annexing new territotires instead of building my kingdom. It gets BORING fast and I was ticked that I spent all of that time building a kingdom and developing heroes just to have to start over. This game is a waste.

  7. Now that there are mods and cheats for the game coming out, it makes the gameplay better. I found on the offical Medieval forums (courtesy of WizardDani) how to keep your current kingdom and use a new ambition; link here – http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/5516778.page

    Also, once you enable TCE through the Commands.ini file, a slew of options open up. Add Rick’s DebugEnabler on MTS, and TSM just became very interesting!

  8. I don’t spend 50 bucks on a game that I have to fix or add user created mods to in order to make it fun and I think it’s ashamed that other people are ok with the fact that in order to make a game fun, this is what they have to do. So, thanks for the ideas but no thank you.

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