Charlie Sheen winning @ The Sims 3


Not just winning, but EPIC winning.  Special thanks to both and lolifofo for the info


  1. This man is horrid, he has beaten 3 woman, he doesn’t even deserve the attention of being parodied!

    This is highly inappropriate of EA. Anyone who likes this man or his works is basically saying it’s OK to abuse woman.

    Bree Olsen is an idiot for taking him in, he will end up abusing her…

  2. I’m still wondering why an anti-Semitic woman-basher like Sheen is still being given the time of day. The internets probably think he’s a cuddlier, funnier version of Mel Gibson.

  3. LOL. You wouldn’t begin to know how amazing he is. He’s a sweet guy, a bit eccentric, yes, but incredibly sweet. Everyone should stop listening to the media and those two whore ex-wives of his and realize that we should be bowing to his greatness. He’s just an angel that was sent to earth to show us what life truly is about.

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