The fine folks over at Carl’s Sims 3 Guides has put together their first tutorial for The Sims 3 Late Nigh – Mixology.  The Mixology Skill helps your Sims learn how to perfect the art of serving up drinks in hopes of your Sim to become a celebrated drink mixer.  Hit up their website to view the skill levels, drink types, challenges, tips and tricks for this amazing talent.

Mixology can be learned by attending a class at a restaurant. In Bridgeport, Steve’s Business and Restaurant Complex hosts a classroom. You can learn the skill by practicing making drinks at the bar, but it’s more likely you should spend the time making Mood Drinks once they become available. There are several Challenges related to Mixology, and you can work on a couple at once by focusing your efforts. Make Mood drinks and they’ll add to both the Master of Mood and Poseidon Mixology skill challenges.

Guide Here

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I have The sims 3 and Im on Level Nine of mixology and I wanted to know is there a Job avaliable with it ( aka can you become a mixologist with out going to a bar and moonlighting as one ? )


Ya I want to know that too. I’m a level 10. I always go to bars and moonlight, but i want my own bar. So I made one and bought it with my Sims 3 Family who lives in Bridgeport. But all I can do is moonlight an its pissing me off.


No there is no Job or Career associated with the Mixology skill. It’s simply a flavor add on to the game from Late Night. However it IS a good “Moonlighting” job to use if you also have a self-employed job/career such as being an inventor or writer and such. But especially if you are in a band, mixology and moonlighting as a bartender can get you known in clubs you might otherwise not be able to get into and can help increase your fame and renown and get you a gig in those clubs sooner possibly.