I’m not a fan of pre-order bonuses, but I can deal with digital bonus content – after all, it’ll eventually make its way online where everyone can get it.  Stuff like stickers, promo cd, real-life items…as a collector I cannot stand missing out on.  Anyhow, GameStop has a special deal going on where if you pre-order The Sims 3 Late Night, you will receive a card that contains codes to redeem 4 bonus items for your game:

Pre-order The Sims™ 3 Late Night Expansion Pack today and receive a code to unlock special items. You’ll get two additional locations—a dance warehouse and a local dive bar—plus two new hairstyles to get your Sims ready for a night on the town.

Online Customers: A code and instructions on how to claim your special items will be emailed when the game ships.

In-Store Pickup / Store Customers: A rave card with your code and instructions on how to claim your special items will be available at time of game pick-up.

640200_bonus2LG 640200_bonusLG

640200_bonus3LG 640200_bonus4LG

Thanks to ‘The Black Scorpion‘ for letting me know about this from InfiniteSims

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The picture to the bottom left, looks like it would make an awesome theatre. (:


The hairs…meh…

but the lots look really nice 🙂


the one on the bottom right with the fountains in the pool reminds me of something you’d see in Vegas. i love it.


Surely these lots could just be uploaded to the exchange? Lol. Not much of a bonus.



Surely these lots could just be uploaded to the exchange? Lol. Not much of a bonus.

That’s kind of what I was thinking. That takes piracy to a new level, using the games own sharing system to pirate bonus content.


wish i had a credit card to preorder it.


pre order bonuses + them getting uploaded onto ea’s exchange = LMFAO!


exclusive items like this are only downloadable to the people that have unlocked it on their account, its the same with the exclusive items that came with collecters sims 3, u can download them but they wont work


Actually, they will work. All someone has to do is upload the .Sims3Pack files from them. Even if it’s downloaded directly through your account, the actual Sims3Pack for the items will still be in the Downloads folder where it can be uploaded and shared. They then have to be either decrapified or converted to .package files in order for others to use them. I’m not sure if they’d attach to a lot, though. I doubt it.


What was the pre order package called?
i ask as i downloaded a bonus from EA for registering and i could have Sworn it is the same one I got from Game Stop. I never got my Rave Card and I just called and they stated that the cards were gotten late and he gave me a code over the phone
I entered in the enter a code at the Sims store under my account is that right?
I got a package called Lounging and Styling