7/10/10 – CAW is Finally Fixed, So The Project is Back On!

The Iron Man Project *sticky*Status: Work In Progress.  The project includes the design of a giant neighborhood, and it got its title because I have decided to include a custom built version of Tony Stark’s house from the Iron Man Movies.  It will include components from Sims 3 Ambitions (when it is released) and will most likely not be complete until early-mid July.  To give you an idea of how large this is there are 2 videos below comparing the time it takes for 2 different cars to go through one of about a dozen islands (not done terrain sculpting).  As you can see, the slow car (Speed 4) takes about 75 Sim minutes to complete the route and the fast car (Speed 10) takes about 20 Sim minutes to complete the same route.  Please post comments and suggestions (such as where to place community lots) below.  Updates, pics & videos after the jump!

5/28/10 – Due to the size of this neighborhood and my limited amount of time due to finals, I am going to hold a contest that involves the neighborhood.  The contest is to create lots that will go into the neighborhood.  Lots that are chosen will be put in the final version of the neighborhood and they will be located on a street named by you/based on your user name.  Users can submit their lots by email or commenting on this post, Email: SimProgramsmailbag@yahoo.com.


  1. Users can submit as many entries as they like
  2. Email or comment must include file or link to the file
  3. No Custom Content/Store Content
  4. Expansion and Stuff Packs are allowed (includes ambitions)
  5. Can be any lot type (residential, community, or rabbit hole)
  6. Include what you would like your street to be named (if it is not included it will be based off of user name)
  7. If multiple lots from one user are accepted, they will all be located on the same street, not multiple streets

5/22/10 – Added Screens + Videos

P.S. – To give you another idea of how big this world is, there will most likely be at least 2 of all work lots.  This is because your Sims would always be late for work (due to having 1 hr. to get to work, and the actual drive being anywhere from 1-3 hours)



The Iron Man Project *sticky*


The Iron Man Project *sticky*

Road to Tony Stark’s house

Screenshot-12 Screenshot-11 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14 Screenshot1 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-81 Screenshot-71 Screenshot-91 Screenshot-101 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-18 Screenshot-20 Screenshot-17 Screenshot-19