It appears that EA UK is keeping a close eye on the 2010 UK Elections as they’ve released a special mock-up image.  Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are featured below:

The Sims 3 takes on the 2010 UK Elections

Make sure you go out and put in your votes this Thursday, May 6th if you live in the UK and are of age!

Image and news courtesy of PocketLint

Update – the bigger pictures were found on the Sims 3 Facebook page:

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  1. What the? Why is Nick Clegg wearing sandals? And I agree, I wouldn’t be able to identify who these Sims are if nothing about the elections were mentioned.

  2. Being an American I have NO clue who any of these people are! Those videos they did for our elections way back when were really good though, I don’t know if I could pick out John with no idea what it’s about but Sarah & Obama were really good!

    Oh and is that supposed to be the queen in the middle or some random old lady?

    • Thanks George, but I cannot publish these. I had them up at first but I was notified to remove them as soon as they were up in sake of EA Russia and the journalist who was fired. They’re not suppose to be shared as they were leaked. 🙁

  3. “What’s with the doors”?!

    That’s NUMBER TEN, DOWNING STREET! Seat of all British power! >:) It’s like the White House, except smaller, in London, and aliens didn’t blow it up in a Will Smith movie. If anything British gets blown up in movies, it’s always our Big Ben clock tower. Good job I don’t live anywhere near London, since in movie-land that’s the only English city to exist and as such is always the target for attacks. 😛

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