GamePro checked out the Xbox 360 version of MySims SkyHeroes a month ago at EA Redwood Shores Studio and has posted their preview online, sharing with us a few new tidbits of information.  Here are a few fun facts about the game:

  • Players take the role of an amnesiac ace pilot recruited by a rebel group set on taking back the skies from the nefarious Morcubus and his evil corporation. As you progress through the story and complete certain challenges in levels, you find out more about your character’s backstory and bring the plot closer to a resolution that probably involves a boss sky battle with lasers.
  • The game forgoes puzzles in favor of races, speed challenges, and customization of planes. The customization options haven’t been finalized yet (e.g. custom decals, etc.), but an upgrade system is in place that has a significant impact on gameplay in the story mode.
  • The story mode missions take place on maps that range anywhere from tropical locations with volcanoes you can fly through to cityscapes with giant skyscrapers you need to avoid. There are eight kinds of power-ups and pickups that increase your speed, change what kind of projectile you fire, or inflict status ailments on your plane like flipping it upside down. You gain health by shooting down opponents.
  • The cityscape map we saw turned out to be a boss fight against a giant statue with laser eyes. The fight contained an optional mission objective to rescue a Sim from a force field to help you out with the boss fight; EA says that many levels will present these “branching story potentials.”
  • This is the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 debut for the MySims series. The game is also coming to Wii, and there’s a DS version with an alternate story perspective. EA partnered with developer Artificial Mind and Movement for the 360 and PS3 versions and is considering post-launch downloadable content for them.
  • EA sees the game as a “stepping stone for kids to explore online play” in that hazy age group between 9 and 13. To that end, they’re aiming for a 10-12 person online multiplayer cap and are set up for local cooperative play. All players are stuck with default planes in multiplayer instead of having access to their upgraded planes from the single-player.
  • EA is not sure whether or not the 360 or PS3 versions will use Natal or Move, yet. The Wii version allows you to use the Wii Remote as a joystick.

read the full preview at GamePro