‘The Sims 3 in Russia’ Ambitions preview by Kaila


Aren’t you sick of Ambitions news yet?  Sure you are.  I don’t need to post any more, right?  Nah, I think I’ll stop.

Kidding, if you’re reading this then you are about as crazy for The Sims 3 Ambitions as much as I am!  Not the bad kind of crazy – I mean the good kind.  To top off all of the updates for the night is another new writeup from the Russian event by Kaila from ‘The Sims 3 in Russia

The first thing that caught my eye … no, this is not the sea treats, which we heartily regaled the girls from the EA, and three computer already loaded with a toy. To begin, we know each other, tasty snack and discussed some organizational moments. Particularly impatient Daria managed during this time cut down the toy, trying to go to the store Store, which of course did not work. The toy had to download again, and we were able to see, looks like The Sims 3 movie career. Taking with us a subscription to disclose information about professions “ghost hunter” and “Inventor”, we were asked to start the game.

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