Sims 3 Cri completed their Ambitions preview article as they’ve published part 2 of their time spent with the game.

Ambitions introduces a new neighborhood, called Twinbrook. Just like Sunset Valley or Riverview, it is fully crowded and organized. In the town you will find certain places, i.e. the junkyard, the consignment store, the laundry or the tattoo saloon. that We’re not sure if the general update will include these lots in Sunset Valley or Riverview too, but you can always place them in the Edit Town menu.

This does not mean that to play with these places or with the new careers, you’ll have to move to Twinbrook. Simply, the new town comes with all the new lots, but you can place them in Sunset Valley or Riverview as you prefer.

Grant Rodiek also explained that Twinbrook is inspired to the southern area of the United States (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, etc.) and has a different style than Sunset Valley or Riverview. There are also new neighborhood decorations (among which a wooden rabbit) and a cute new iron bridge.

There is also something new for the so-called rabbit holes, that is, inaccessible lots such as the school, the supermarket or the theater. With Ambitions, these have been updated and edited a bit, of course both in Twinbrook and the other towns. So:

  • Ambitions introduces a new neighborhood, Twinbrook, inspired to the southern U.S.;
  • The new community lots (junkyard, laundry, etc..) can be placed in any other neighborhood;
  • The rabbit holes have been modified (but still remain inaccessible) and there’s a new bistro.

full preview here