The Sims 3 on console is looking pretty good judging by these 5 new screenshots which shows off the Xbox 360 and PS3 version that IGN picked up.  Not only that but they were able to interview Sam Player, Executive Producer, for some more juicy details on the game.  Can’t wait!  Sam Player, I know you’ll come across this..or one of your staffers will.  Please let me come by and play this game 😛  I always enjoy the console versions as they usually have less problems than the PC versions 🙂

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IGN: Can you break down what makes each platform for The Sims 3 unique? What strengths do you feel were unique to platforms like the Wii and DS that you had to capitalize on?

Sam Player: Obviously on the PS3 and Xbox360 platforms, connectivity is a big story. Specific to those versions, players can connect to share their creations with fellow Sims players around the world, as well as download content from other players without ever leaving the game through a seamlessly integrated exchange system. Players will also face short and long term challenges, earning rewards, Xbox achievements, and PSN Trophies, and can even share those achievements with friends by connecting to Facebook or Twitter. [Note: This feature is subject to availability through PlayStation Network and/or Xbox LIVE.

The Wii version offers exclusive content and an all-new beach town location with new residents, traits, careers, weather, Karma Powers and lifetime wishes. It also is exclusively a direct control play mechanic – players will use the thumbstick to move their Sim around town. The remote/nunchuck controls of the Wii lend themselves perfectly to a direct control system. The town also offers unique environments never before seen in a Sims game. Sims will be able to live in houseboats or tree houses, for example, as well as features that did not appear in the PC version like swimming, kite surfing and others. There is also a multiplayer game just for the Wii version that social players will enjoy. Players will be able to go head to head against three of their friends in the all-new Life Moments game, where they bet on and make choices about life’s most important milestones to tell their Sims’ life stories, earning points and garnering rewards along the way – all flavored with our Sims-style of humor and irreverence.

The NDS offers our first truly open sandbox-style play experience for the handheld. We are very proud to be able to offer a robust, real life experience for players who are “on the go”. Our Create a Sim feature is second to none on the NDS in terms of customization options, and it even contains more clothing options and items than its predecessor on the PC. For the first time on DS, players can control multiple Sims within a household as well as build the floorplans of homes with tools to construct walls and floors, again using the stylus as your “paintbrush.” Of course players can still customize their house as always with décor objects, textures, and more.

full interview at IGN