Will Wright has been on a traveling frenzy, attending a number of speaking engagements and presentations.  The other day he appeared in Berkley to speak to a handful of people about his career and to answer questions.  One guy – John – wrote about his time spent at the presentation:

WolfFire Blog - Will Wright at Berkley

Contrary to the mainstream industry at the time, Wright decided to build SimCity for Mac. He largely attributes SimCity’s appearance in Time Magazine (the magazine’s first game review) to the fact that the editor was a Mac user, and SimCity was one of very few Mac games.

Wright only sold 20,000 Commodore 64 copies of SimCity (in a market of 17 million C64’s), but the console version in Japan alone (a smaller market) sold a million copies. Wright attributes this to the fact that it was not really possible to pirate the physical console cartridges, while casual piracy was rampant on the C64.

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