SimTimes found a interview published on the German site with producer Grant Rodiek sharing some more details on The Sims 3 Ambitions.  Below is a roughly translated snippet:

(CBS): which creative job is in the world of the Sims most most prestigious?

Grant Rodiek: This lies solely with the player. With The Sims 3 Ambitions we want to offer a wide range of careers and choices related to players that have each strongly on the gameplay impact. Whether architect, sculptor, tattoo artist or stylist – these professions can bring a great reputation with them. Sims from the neighbourhood engage architect sims with a variety of jobs as draft of a men cave or a reading corner and the kitchen or the complete renovation of the house.  The new sculpture skill provides many creative ways can earn a lovely sum of Simoleons players. Others adorn Sims, which have a tattoo chair or afford a visit to the local salon for a small fee. The headquarters for these fashionable ambitious Sims ‘ first local Salon. If they get in the career they style everywhere a customers.

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