As I stated in a few earlier posts, this summer looks to be a very busy one for me, hence the need to look for a few new recruits to help myself, Frankie and Luke out with updating.  This is where I’d like to welcome ‘Simillions‘ to the mix!

Simillions will step in to give you his own introduction, but before he does I need to point out a few things about the new recruit.  For starters, he’s a young lad so expect to see some grammar and spelling mistakes.  However considering that you’ve been reading my updates…you should already be used to this 😛  Second, I bring him on to cover news when I’m not available (he’s from Australia so the time difference helps in terms of getting news out while I’m asleep or at work).  He also may share some comics/jokes (teh funniez) he has stored for a lighter side/comical effect about The Sims series in general.

His first few posts will be held for pending while I review them and give him a few pointers for updating, but after 5-10 he’ll be on his own to update.

One last thing before I let him chime in.  Please be respectful of his, Frankie’s and Lukes post.  I suppose I’ll make a note for them to try to keep personal items off (I’ll still post mine) due to the backlash in the community.  However, I’m not going to tolerate any future backlashings.  You can disagree, sure…but if I see any insults directed to the 3 staffers, then I’ll remove your post.  If you have something to gripe about, do it to me and not them.  Sorry for sounding so blunt, but I value their work regardless what others may think.

Be sure to leave a welcome note either in this post, or his own welcome post!


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