Just saw this message pop up on my Twitter feed from The Sims 3 Twitter:

Use “TWITTERsims10buxoff” & receive a discount on various TS2/TS3 games! Offer good until April 18th, visit EA Store- http://bit.ly/a15wEu

There is also a message on Facebook of the discount (thanks to Jack and Simillion for the tip)

We’ve got coupons for select titles at The EA Store! Use “FACEBOOKsims10buxoff” and receive a discount on various The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 games! Offer good through April 18th. Visit the EA Store – www.eastore.com

Sadly we are left to wonder what these games are, the link redirects you to the standard EA Store homepage.  But either way, saving money is saving money, and that’s what I like to do!



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